About HFMA

Our Vision

The New Hampshire/Vermont Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association will be an indispensable resource for healthcare finance.

Our Mission

The Chapter's purpose statement is identical to that of National HFMA, which is as follows:

To define, realize and advance the financial management of healthcare by helping members and others improve business performance of organizations operating in or serving the healthcare field.

The New Hampshire/Vermont Chapter believes these values advance our members and our mission:

We believe that service to members is our highest priority.

Excellence and Integrity
We believe in excellence in all that we do. We strive for a consistent and high standard of quality in each endeavor.

We believe that teamwork is essential in meeting the objectives of HFMA. Teamwork involves a strong partnership with members, chapters, and regions as well as cooperation with those who represent healthcare associations, government agencies, and financial business interests.

Importance of Individuals
We believe in the importance of individuals. The dedication of people, their enthusiasm, their spirit, and their support shapes our collective personality and gives impetus and meaning to our objectives.

Innovation and Creativity
We believe in encouraging innovation and creativity. Innovation is finding new ways of accomplishing our objectives.

Financial Responsibility
We believe in conducting HFMA with financial responsibility and a prudent approach to business.

Codes of Ethics
We believe in adhering to National HFMA's Code of Ethics.

A Message from our President

Diane L. Maheux, FHFMA
Chapter President 2016-2017

We are seeing changes in both our operating environment and the political landscape. We are seeing changes from volume based reimbursement to value-based care. In this changing landscape in which we operate we need to be adaptable and flexible to seize new opportunities. Mary Mirabelli, FHFMA, this year’s National HFMA Chair calls for all of us to find a way to thrive in the face of all these changes.

That is the challenge for all of us in healthcare finance. Whether we work for providers, payers, or vendors, we need to be innovative with how we deal with these changes. We are being faced with redesigning our work flows, making do with less, and driving as much cost out of the system as possible.

As an industry we are faced with a changing reimbursement model, but it hasn’t quite changed yet. We have a foot in one canoe (the old reimbursement model) and we have one foot in the new canoe (value based care and population health). How we negotiate the rapids with a foot in each canoe is the opportunity facing us.

As a chapter, we are also facing challenges. Providing affordable, timely, relevant education to all our members so that they can perform their job functions to the best of their ability is our primary goal. But with employers cutting expenses to maintain positive operating margins by eliminating dues reimbursement, travel and education reimbursement, and even availability to volunteer as we decrease staffing expenses – our chapter has many challenges ahead.

This year, we started off with a HFMA Chapter Advancement Team Consultant assisting our chapter leaders in strategizing on how we can meet our members’ needs as well as the goals for chapter. We met in July and had a great session on what our chapter and committee goals were and what we need to do to achieve them. We all are devising new ways of thinking so that we can meet our chapter vision –“The New Hampshire/Vermont Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association will be an indispensable resource for healthcare finance.”

However, we do need your help. We are always looking for volunteers and we spent a lot of time redefining roles and expectations of our volunteers. You are all our best resource. We are here to be the resource for all our members, but also need your help to be that resource. If you would like to volunteer and would like to discuss it – please contact me at Diane.Maheux@calaishospital.org I would love to talk to you about the opportunities and connecting you with our committee chairs.

As Robert Gilbert stated last year in his President’s message, the NH/VT HFMA leadership team takes member feedback very seriously. We thank him for his leadership and we thank those of you who took the time last year to fill out the member survey. Again, our leadership team wants to make sure that our members are getting what they need from their membership. Please look for this towards the end of September or beginning of October. If you have suggestions or want to participate to make things better please contact any of our chapter leaders and also complete your survey when you receive it via email.

I am truly honored to serve as the 2016-2017 New Hampshire Vermont Chapter President. I look forward to working for you this upcoming year and together we will make it a wonderful year and thrive in this environment!
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