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26 Nov 2018 10:05 AM | Anonymous

Position Description: Accounts Receivable Collections and providing information to patients about NHOH insurance and billing policies are the primary functions of this position.

Essential Duties and Job Functions: A variety of clerical and administrative tasks are performed in this position. Timeliness of completing tasks is essential to the management of all accounts receivable functions.

The management of ALL insurance carrier requirements which would include:

  • Any rejected claims must be reviewed and appealed in a timely fashion.
  • AR collections for insurance carriers include performing an audit function to identify any outstanding insurance balances and making corrections as needed.
  • Reading all carrier News Letters and or any essential written communications from the carriers in regards to changes in medical policies as well as billing requirements for services that are billed thru NHOH as well as changes and requirements for outside testing NHOH is required to complete for ordered testing at outside facilities.
  • Any changes that apply would then clearly be communicated with the billing manager as well as the billing staff.
  • Contacting patients when there are COB issues and working with the patient to resolve outstanding issues with the carriers.
  • Coverage when needed for verifications of insurance changes as well as coverage for obtaining new patient information and completing the demographics within our Electronic Medical Records for upcoming appointments.

All communications must be managed in a manner that protects the confidential nature of information in a medical practice environment. All work is to be performed according to quality and safety standards set for the practice.

The work requires accuracy and continuous mental and visual attention as well as the ability to work quickly and efficiently. Patient contact requires the ability to listen and respond in a professional and caring manner, especially when patients are stressed or appear to be weakened from their illness and treatment. The ability to balance multiple tasks and any stress associated with the duties and responsibilities of this position are essential requirements in the performance of this job. Telephone communications listening and speaking skills are required for the extensive time spent in this mode of communication. Good hearing and vision is required, including accuracy in reading hand written medical information.

Knowledge and Experience: Previous coding and billing experience in a healthcare provider environment and a clear understanding of the management and the protection of confidential patient information is essential. Strong managed care insurance knowledge and experience is required.

Attention to detail and excellent coordination of information skills. The Patient Account Representative must utilize a variety of sources to maintain current knowledge about coding and billing changes that pertain to NHOH.

Good interpersonal skills and the ability to maintain clear and cooperative working relationships with co-workers is essential to performance of the job. In addition to meeting customer service expectations of patients and co-workers, interactions with insurance providers and the office of the referring physician requires clear and consistent information management within time limitations.

A high school diploma or GED, the ability to read and write in English and perform simple arithmetic (decimals, fractions) is required.

Knowledge and familiar use of medical terminology is important. The demonstration of good language and conversational English skills are required and include the ability to give and receive detailed information through oral communication and to respond verbally to obtain or give clarification of information. The qualified employee must be able to consistently demonstrate courtesy, compassion and respect in relation to patients, families, visitors, physicians and co-workers,

Knowledge and experience with billing and patient accounts software and the ability to become proficient in other software applications used in the performance of this job is important.


Dan Smith
200 Technology Drive
Hooksett, NH 03106

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