HFMA Certification Programs


HFMA's certification program seeks to bring stature to the profession of healthcare financial management as well as offer each qualified member an opportunity to upgrade their professional status.


In 2011, there were significant changes in the certification program. National HFMA added the Certified Revenue Cycle Representative and Advanced Technical Study Certificate programs. Pre-requisites for achieving the Certified Healthcare Financial Professional designation changed, as did the exam itself. A brief description of current programs and requirements follows.




The long valued The CHFP® (Certified Healthcare Financial Professional) certification is designed for mid-level healthcare professionals with a minimum of three to five years of healthcare financial management experience in U.S. healthcare provider operations. CHFP certification demonstrates your qualifications to senior management, co-workers, and the industry--highlighting your commitment to the profession and to maintaining up-to-date skills and knowledge.


CHFP Requirements:

  • A minimum of three to five years of healthcare financial management examination
  • Successful completion of the CHFP certification examination
  • Current and active regular or advanced HFMA membership (excludes Student memberships)

CHFPs must show evidence of maintaining their certification every three years. This is done by remaining an active member in good standing, and completing education contact hours. A more detailed description of the requirements can be found on the National HFMA website


New in 2011, the Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR) program helps set standards of performance for revenue cycle staff. By becoming certified in the CRCR program, you or your team has the designation that proves a high level of revenue cycle knowledge and expertise has been reached.

The CRCR can be earned by members and non-members who pass the CRCR exam. A recertification exam is required every two years to maintain the designation.


HFMA Fellows act as ambassadors to the profession by raising the standard of practice through consistent participation in professional development activities and service to the healthcare finance industry. Fellows achieve the designation by their volunteerism after earning the CHFP. The FHFMA designation is maintained by teaching courses, making presentations, publishing, participating in special interest groups or attending educational events.

FHFMA Requirements:

  • Current CHFP designation
  • Five years total as a regular or advanced HFMA member (student membership does not count toward this total)
  • Bachelor degree or 120 semester hours from an accredited college or university
  • Volunteer activity in healthcare finance within three years of applying for the FHFMA designation, including one of the following:
  • Earn the Follmer Bronze Award by earning 25 Founders points for HFMA volunteer activity
  • Volunteer in your HFMA chapter and earn two Founders points for two consecutive years
  • Volunteer service for two of the past three years in a healthcare industry organization

For more information on the FHFMA, go to


Advanced Technical Study Certificate programs

Another new opportunity for healthcare finance managers to expand their skills and knowledge is HFMA Advanced Technical Study Certificate program. While these programs are not certification programs like the CHFP or FHFMA, they can help you prepare for them. These Advanced Technical Study Certificate programs are online educational programs that award a certificate after completing a program. These programs can be purchased by both members and non-members and they are geared toward obtaining specific skills or knowledge.  The three certificate programs available are:

Mastering Patient Financial Services

Mastering Healthcare Accounting and Finance

Mastering Managed Care

For more information, go to

Please visit HFMA National's website for additional information on certification programs and requirements.

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