Coaching Tips

There are many suggested methods of preparing for the exam that only work if they are right for you.  We all learn differently.  Four members of the Certification Committee have taken four different approaches to the exams, but all had successful outcomes.  We share our tips below.  More detailed information on these tips is found in the Tips for CHFP Exam Prep pdf document.  Feel free to contact any of us for ideas, guidance, or a few words of encouragement.

Diane Blaha used flash cards and was creative about finding the time to study

Peter Smith used the suggested Study Plan for the HFMA CHFP Exam (see page 3)

Gerri Provost planned on a specific time each week and drilled using the "Test Your Knowledge" quizzes in past Mountain Views newsletters

Judi Deavers found that outlining chapters and noting key take-aways helped


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